Friday, 2 July 2010

Saturday 3rd July: Kyle Bean - Report by Emily Beard

For the next 7 weeks Selfridges window viewers will be schooled in the science of Physics. But this is no browse through a dusty text book. Quite the opposite in fact.
Brighton based prop designer Kyle Bean demonstrates the law of conservation of mass, how 'matter cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed'.

Using a mixture of found objects and intricately crafted items, Kyle showcases the balance between the two forms of the same mass. The items seem to defy gravity, hovering mid-air, suspended by identical over sized scales.
A jumble of cogs and wheels transform into a sleek motorbike. A muddle of everyday kitchen ingredients metamorphosis's into a towering white skyscraper of a cake. A tangle of old books and their pages are crafted into a papery fairytale castle.

Kyle has taken over 5 windows altogether, one of which (the motorbike corner window) was constructed live so that the viewing (and shopping) public could become part of the experience.

(If you recognise Kyle's name its been only 1 year since he graduated and featured on this blog here and later here)

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