Friday, 30 July 2010

Sunday 1st August: Ben Dunbar-Brunton's Automobile

Last week I had a visit at the studio from photographer Ben Dunbar-Brunton who arrived in his 1963 Dodge Custom 880 (brought over from Fairfield near San Fransisco). The mint green exterior was replicated throughout the interior in varying shades from the dashboard to the original upholstery fabric. The chrome hubcaps were also echoed within the cabin as detail trimming along the inside of the doors and switch panel. I was lucky enough to get a spin round the block to experience the vehicle in motion and not just admire it stationary as most passers by who stop to inspect the unsuspecting sidewalk attraction.
Ben is a keen classic car enthusiast and his passion extends to collecting imagery of bygone days and the awkward shots of owners with their motors! He has trawled this collection for the i-list feature on the new online i-D online where you can see his "Top 10 Vintage Snapshots"

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