Monday, 20 September 2010

Mon 20th Sept: Mary Katrantzou Collection

Mary Katrantzou shakes up her signature digital print style each season by investigating inanimate objects and applying them to the body. So far we've seen perfume bottles, renaissance portraiture, venetian she has gone for a greater scale of whole interiors. Its bonkers and I love it. Its beautiful and it makes me chuckle - what else do you want from a Divine dress? An exquisitely finished garment that is actually unlocking the key to a light-hearted concept is bang on and so rare! Wearing clothes is about enjoying the experience of having your body wrapped in fabric that turns you on - so why not ignore the analytical breakdown of a design and just have a blast wearing something BOOM! If I had a fat pay check I would! Just look at this insanely detailed beading to map out the trompe l'oeil of dress.......the lower half of the look is a skirt woven from rafia to look like a classic chair seat!
Mary has inverted iconic images of Guy Bourdin's models posed against furniture by applying interior design ontop of the girl! Its an idea previously executed in joint art direction by Shona Heath and Lacey but taken off the page of Dazed and turned into an entire collection. Chintz floral wallpaper motifs actually make up lampshade skirts and a rope trimmed pelmet has become a bolero. There is so much to look at in this intricate collection that you really must go and see it for yourself either at Somerset House or the London Showrooms in Paris from 1st - 8th OCt.

(3 images of Lacey's shoot lifted from her agency website Webber)

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ALÙN said...

I loved that shoot! So Iconic X