Thursday, 23 September 2010

Thurs 23rd Sept: Gary Card - REBEL

According to REBEL, Gary Card "Loves a pussy in a girdle" accompany the interview with the artist in the 2nd issue of the publication, Gary illustrated some animals to sit alongside the text. On one of my studio visits upstairs to see Mr Card I found him inventing these cheeky chappies in their miniature chaps. So ridiculous and adorable! Here are the finished ink drawings hanging on his see the final artwork and read the Q&A with Jaiden Jeremy James pick up a copy of REBEL from Diesel outlets across London and keep your eye out for key stockists in other major cities.

1 comment:

legoheadjo said...

These are great.
Nothing I like more than a dog in clothing!!
I work along a similar theme.
If you fancy a gander you can see some of my drawings and dog embroideries here!

Oh, I think you had an ex student of mine helping out at your studio, Saskia!! She is also great.
Cheers and bye x x x