Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sun 26th Sept: LFW Wardrobe

I'm never totally comfortable with posting photos of myself .........wreeeeeks slightly of "Being a dickheads cool" BUT then again I might be missing out on a trick as it seems every other fashion blogger flogs this side of their here goes.......

Top to bottom:
1) Wearing dress by Goodone for the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign - Polaroid portrait by Style Slicker
2) At New Gen Men, Photo: Sean Michaels
3) At Circus, wearing a cosmic metallic shirt I have temporarily borrowed from Craig Lawrence's drag bag. Photo: Oggy Yordonov
4) At Cooperative Designs Presentation at The Groucho Club wearing blue cord bustier and circle bag by threeASFOUR worn over vintage dress and Alistair Carr padded bomber jacket. Photo: The Swelle Life
5) At Giles party wearing Oscar De La Renta vintage sheer dress from a Salvation Army & my Dodecahedron necklace, circle bag by ASFOUR photo: The Cobra Snake
6) 80's Rainbow LYCRA body gifted to me from Patternity Photo: F.Tape Twitter


Kit said...

Thank you Fred!

Kit x
Style Slicker

clouboutinlover said...

The polaroid Kit took is gorgeous!

Rollergirl said...