Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Weds 29th Sept: Shoreditch Sisters visit Mrs Jones Emporium

Yesterday evening I joined the Shoreditch Sisters for one of their after work jollies. When I imagine a W.I meeting I expect to see ladies of a certain age dunking jammy dodgers in a mint green china cup of strong tea. However, when I scaled the stairs to get to the dizzy heights of Mrs Jones emporium I discovered a dermographic of young 20 somethings giggling away and grappling at the cute poodle Betty. Cava was opened and we sat down to listen to an introduction about this Mr.Ben experience and the whole ethos of the emporium. Fee Doran (a.k.a Mrs Jones) has moved studios and opened up her archive to the public to come and browse, inspect and enjoy her catalogue of costumes. Each piece of the vast wardrobe is labeled with its origin and whom may have worn it originally. If you take a look at Fee's bio you will see that she has kitted out a spectrum cross section of the music industry with iconic garms and this is a chance to try them on! The Shoreditch Sisters took it in turns to slip into a Rhianna onsie and Kylie accessories. Although the purpose of this exercise is for enthusiasts to run loose in her dressing-up box, the garments are actually for hire or sale. Anyone can visit to invest in an original Mrs.Jones creation or snap up a new piece of jewellery in collaboration with Tatty Devine.
The emporium is a new home since Fee switched East for West and left a studio previously owned by Banksy, complete with writing on the wall! Now Fee has her studio / showroom / hair salon / general sensational wonderland above the PYMCA agency in Clerkenwell. On Thursday night PYMCA are launching the new edition of Ted Polhemus infamous "Street Style" with a book signing at the exhibition. Check out here for more info The other date you should be getting in your diary is a visit to Fee's fantabulous layer of customized furniture and closet of star's confidentials .......including a pair of Sid Vicious's boots, Elton John's boots and even a pair of leggings for The Darkness made up entirely of pairs of the fans knickers!

To keep up with Mrs Jones = click here for Mrs Jones Blog
To find out about joining The Shoreditch Sisters W.I for crafty fun, check out their Facebook
Thanks to the girls for modelling! Tina, Daniella, Elnaz
To see from the event, go to Fashion's Most Wanted for an exceptional blog!!!!!!


angelosam123 said...

So Nice and beautiful pictures you have posted here. All the clothes that have been wore up by the beautiful women are awesome.

Exhibition Hire

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Fred, lovely to see you last night. Your pictures are fantastic. I love the ones of the black and white jumpsuit on Danielle blending into the couch!

For the definitive Mrs Jones story read here (you'll know all of the references on this one, I promise)

Maybe see you tonight? xx

fredbutlerstyle said...

Hi Christina,

Im replying!!!!! Woop woop!

Lovely to see you too!

I was planning on coming tonight but now rememberd its The FINAL of London's Next Top Tranny so Im gonna be there after interviewing Alex James about cheese..........its going to be a diverse evening by all accounts!

Have fun, and I wont be missing out as I can catch up on it all on your blog!!!

Hope to see you soon


(Come to Next Top Tranny after?!!)

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Fred, brilliant!

I can't wait to see those pics! Alex is lovely we used to do his PR back in the Britpop days.

Have a great night and yes, see you very soon xxx