Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sun 21st Nov: Andrew Logan at Flowers

Any excuse to see the work by one of my favourite "Top 40" fashion heros Andrew Logan is a massive highlight and rare pleasure. I don't think its difficult to see why I love this national treasure so much - the pursuit in colour, light, reflection, shimmer and spirituality. I remember going to the National Portrait Gallery as a child and particularly resonating with one piece - Andrew's mosaic bust of Zandra Rhodes. His work is so refreshing and intriguing, I would absolutely love to be able to wear a piece one day. The opening nights of his shows are always a double showcase with the guests each wearing their own piece of Logan which assembles an entire walking archive of adornments. It would be a great project to stop every person and ask the story behind the accessory. For example Lois Acton's easter-egg foil wrapping incorporated into her ring and her mother's Iceland quartz set in the cross round her neck. Its so nice that the jewellery is worn and enjoyed by its collectors rather than being stashed away for Sunday best. I particularly like Lois's description of the sunlight refractions from her bangle when swimming in the Mediterranean sea. Not to mention her stories of the costumes she wore when taking part in the Alternative Miss World over the years...........including an outfit designed by Alex Noble - a family friend and child she used to take on holidays with her own family......... Birdy - for whom I have to thank for inviting me to this show. Lois also explained that the large gold sculpture encompassing Andrews childhood is literally made of toys he has held onto including a tiny golden carriage and horses from the Queens Coronation in 1953 when every child was given this souvenir. The vast and intricate cosmic gold model should be acquired by the V&A and put pride of place into The Museum Of Childhood straight away!
I lived out a childhood dream a couple of years ago when Bishi took me to dinner at Zandra Rhodes spectrum painted penthouse and was seated next to Andrew. For anyone who hasn't seen the film shot for the occasion, head over to Gity Monsef's Glassloves site here (featuring Marios Schwab, Piers Atkinson, Nat Weller). I also had another magic moment at the most recent "Alternative Miss World" which I wrote up for Hintmag. A documentary feature film has been made about the legacy of Logan's institution "British Guide to Showing Off" which will be released next year and has a website for furthur details. Footage from last year's extravaganza is showing downstairs in the Flowers gallery accompanied by large prints of portraits from the night including Andrew's Bauhaus inspired creation by Zandra.

To read how Andrew became friends with Angela Flowers when they were both working at the ICA in 1968 read a great article from the Indepedant I found ............. here.

"Rejoice" is on till 31 Dec at 82 Kingsland Road

(Here is Lois and Elnaz ........... Andrew and Duggie Fields, caught with me looking charcateristically shy by Gity)


jes said...

Hey Fred
Thanks for the mention and wasnt the show fab!
Just to clarify the video showing at Flowers East is a video of the 2009 Alternative Miss World Show
The British Guide to Showing Off will be coming out next year
There's a facebook page for it where we will be posting all the news about screenings etc


fredbutlerstyle said...

Thank you for the info Jes, ive just ammended the details AND joined the facebook page to find out more......
Cant wait!

: )