Thursday, 11 November 2010

Thurs 11th Nov: "Florist" at SHOWstudio SHOP

"Hello Flowerhead" is the name of Hillman Studio's sculpture specifically made for SHOWstudio and the new "Florist" exhibition. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of SHOWstudio, the latest theme to take over the SHOP is literally a floral tribute with commissioned pieces from some of their contributors of the last decade. To open the season last evening was an initial selection that will be added to by more artists over the next few weeks so that the floral project literally grows.
The brief to dig out existing classic works from archives or devise a compeletly new work to complement the "say it with flowers" calling card was interpreted in a sculpture by Hillman Studio. The bust is an interpretation and recreation of a costume originally made for an Italian Vogue couture shoot with Tim Walker. Silk flowers and starched silk were used to create the ruffle headpiece which was inspired by a Lladro porcelain ornament depicting a kissing couple decorated in flowers. This delicate creation sits alongside an iconic Guy Bourdin print, a Nick Knight film and a giant Michael Howells Christian Dior Couture catwalk flower. Smaller pieces seen here include a Solve Sundsbo print, Jeffry Mitchell "O" Pickle Jar, Ed Griffiths Orchid, Giles Deacon Flower Bomb, Martine Sitbon Neon Poppy. Further additions will come from a series of live events in the studio such as Bishi, Mary Katrantzou and Stephen Jones joining the team to create something under the spot light. Here is a former live session artist Millie Brown and photographer / director Jez Tozer. Keep up to date with all the future florals to unfold here.