Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday 21st Jan: Bishi for SHOWstudio

In a live performance streamed to the masses through SHOWstudio, Bishi created a unique visual experience, fusing music, art and fashion. The performance marked the end to SHOWstudio's 'Florist' exhibition within their shop at 1-9 Bruton Place.

Each song performed had a custom projection created through collaboration with five visuals artists: Liza Angst, Peter T Breen, The Bardo Lightshow, Morgan O’Donovan and Noriko Okaku. Bishi performed through each projection, blurring the lines between background and foreground. Bishi designed the special costume alongside her creative partner Matthew Glamorre. Their vision was then interpreted and constructed by Sybil Rouge and Nicholas Immaculate.

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