Monday, 7 February 2011

Mon 7th Feb: Paper Flowers for Patti

One of the very first stylists to understand my vibe and commission bespoke pieces for shoots was Patti Wilson. Inbetween shifts making baby-cinos for yummy mummies in Kentish Town, I was sticking minute Swarovski crystals to ping-pong balls in a leopard print for Patti. It was such a life saver, pouring my creative energy into the accessories requested and the possibility of seeing them published in Vogue. One particular piece was a Zip necklace I made to fit a Punk theme which was never used but was latterly discovered by Selfridges........... put in a Herve Leger window....... and started a long and fruitful relationship with the store (moral of the story, hold onto your archive!)
Fast forward 5 years and my most recent pieces rustled up for Patti now appear in the Feb issue of Italian Vogue. She asked me to create chrysanthemums for a romantic soft story to be shot with Solve Sundsbo. Here are snaps of the prototypes I practiced with to illustrate my ideas for the final thing. This last shot is a version created more recently, individually coloured in a palette of cotton candy hues specially for a present........ alongside a cosmic chrome silver one for another gift..........which flew to NYC before I got to photograph it!

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sandeep sharma said...

I made these amazing paper flowers to hang up at Thanksgiving. I found a wonderful tutorial for them and I will link her blog in the next post.

paper craft

paper flowers