Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Thurs 10th Feb: "Little Glass Clemintine" Studio Visit and Selfridges window

To wrap up my coverage of "The Bright Young Things" I'm going to complete with Little Glass Clementine just in time for Valentine's Day. Clemmie's unique necklaces are comprised of antique shrapnel, discarded time pieces, trinkets and mementos all tied together with narrative and twine. Previously having studied Humanities at SOAS, Clemmie's innatley drawn to the art of accessorizing from an anthropological perspective. Tribal decoration and body adornment serve as a key inspiration in her hands-on instinctive method to treating her components.
The label takes residence in the ethical scheme of London Fashion Week within the Esthetica area due to the sustainable element of her ethos. By bricolaging together bits and bobs from the bottom of flea market boxes, she is conjuring up desirable and collectable items in their own right, ready for a second life.
It all started out when Clemmie was 16, first of all working with glass beads which gave the title to her enterprise. The operation ran off a blanket laid down on Brighton Beach or opened out on the floor of festivals. Its Clemmie's love for circulating the festivals that was the unconscious motivation to keep creating each piece to sell as she travelled. Another venture on the back burner of her long term plan, is restoring her grandmother's gypsy caravan (see postcard on pinboard). The goal is to have a movable museum / theatre to share more of the "Little Glass Clemintine" world and literally take it on the road. But just for now, imminent opportunities are taking presidence on the agenda............ including her window for Selfridges and exclusive collection of limited pieces for the project. The installation is a whirlwind of artifacts arranged with same tender touch and eye for composition as the jewellery itself. Inbetween flying manuscript and rocking horses you can focus your eyes and zoom in to see the necklaces nestled in amongst the heirlooms hung all around.

To sign up and have a go for yourself under the guidance of the girl behind the beading, look up the workshop in store at Selfridges on the 19th of Feb in Time Out listings.

If your in Europe, you can purchase pieces at Clemmie's Italian stockist Luisa Via Roma

(Top photos at studio, bottom 3 images of Selfridges window. All images by me except top portrait c/o Clemmie)

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These photographs are nothing but inspiring, great perspective of creativity.