Thursday, 24 March 2011

Thurs 24th March: The Broken Hearts vs. Paperself

If you watched the film of Lucy Bridge over on yesterday, you would have seen her followed on a shopping trip to look at paper eyelashes on Brick Lane. The brand of this novelty makeup is Paperself who have just launched a new style introduced by guest designers Nisha and Amber a.k.a The Broken Hearts. Here are the girls wearing their underwater treasure theme lashes to best effect as the girls own appearance is their most natural and incidental marketing tool! The heart shape bang beauties have a few projects in the pipeline including a cape collaboration with the knitwear label Electronic Sheep, and a radio show / compilation album which is still classified just for the moment......... so check back for more details soon!
The girls have also recently started a Tumblr site if you are after more inspiration from the home of

(Bottom 3 portraits: Anthony Lycett, Paul Persky, Selfridges photobooth)

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