Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tues 29th March: "We Are Only Humans" Tara Darby

Tara Darby's personal project "We Are Only Humans" that I went to see exhibited last year has now been published in a limited edition book. Just in the last 10 years that I have personally got to know Hackney (in particular Dalston) the area has changed at an alarming rate. Luckily all the while, Tara has been taking reportage style documentation of the every day scenes to record this pivotal transition in time........as the Olympic regeneration reigns, stretching the sanitised city further up Kingsland road into the existing co-habiting multi-cultural community. For this reason I think Tara's work is a vital piece of photographic history and why I have invested in one of the 100 books printed and signed. To accompany the images, Tara asked Heidi James to write a page of prose which she read at last evenings launch .......... here is a snippet extract

"Walking, my feet firm on the pavement, absorbing the suck of gravity, my watch tapping out time on my wrist. There is nothing outside the words, those distorting breathed words. Is my looking at the other pedestrians an act of theft? Flowers flare in small beds. Broad houses, stucco over the grubby voices, the small foot steps from room to room, steps smothered by drab slippers, the battlefield smell or cooking flesh, the scrape of a chair pushed sharp from a table."

A few copies are left, so snap up your copy here.
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