Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sat 2nd April: Patrick Wolf "Lupercalia" tour

Patrick Wolf has set off on the first European tour of his new album "Lupercalia" and asked me to make a magic cocoon to conceal his keyboard. It had to be flat-pack to fit on the tour bus so I couldn't do another large 3D origami wonder like the one from The Bloomsbury Ballroom. I worked out that the most cosmic solution was to play with lighting so I devised a way of making a stained glass effect out of fabric so that colours could glow out of the instrument. Taking inspiration from his recent single and video "The City" and his combined love of the Embankment and fairgrounds I designed a glowing river scene with a Ferris wheel. When I went down to the rehearsals on Bermondsey Street to measure the piano I noticed his sound-desk glowed in a rainbow too! Perfect! Here is a photo of the underside whilst I was sewing the giant applique of the paper-cut and the finished article (photos I have randomly found on Flikr, so please forgive me for not listing credits!)

To see the new album artwork unveiled, click here.
To see more about the tour, click here.

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