Friday, 14 October 2011

Saturday 15th Oct: Chanel SS12

When I was first planning my presentation in The Portico Rooms with Patrick Wolf we wanted to have a pod in the centre of the room to house the track that would be played separately on individual speakers around the circumference of the space. We were channelling a Mariko Mori temple vibe of interactive installations we have both visited. Unfortunately health and safety stipulations of the historic Somerset House meant that funding this feat wasn't possible. So, blow me when I see the Chanel show two weeks later. Not only is it an underwater theme like the world Patrick and I had put together but Karl also had a giant pearl igloo in the set. ARGH. I rarely get jealous but this put me in a spin! Please God can I one day have an inch of the budget Chanel have to play with ............. they had Florence Welsch singing in a giant oyster shell......... I can only dream of having Patrick playing the Theremin in a colossal cosmic conch!!!! Now I'm starting to sound like Veronica Salt singing about Golden Geese......
But seriously!!! Check out the iridescent plastic weft woven Chanel wool! If there was ever a more fitting Fred garm to come from the classic ......... I WANT IT SO BADLY!!!

Big thanks to Tom Ryling for sending me his snaps from the show. Not that he had much choice when I started hyperventilating on discovering that A. He had been present B. Had these incredible photos on his phone!!!!!

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