Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sun 16th Oct: Art against Knives FYI Dalston Art trail exhibition

Art against knives was created three years ago to bring about positive action from a negative tragedy when Oliver Hemsley was stabbed in an unprovoked attack. In a reactionary U turn of suffering victimisation, Oliver and Katy Dawe decided to act on the experience by helping the youth of East London to raise awareness and hopefully prevent future similar attacks. Art against Knives aim is to question understanding of the true causes of violent knife crime, at a time of highlighted hostility within Hackney surrounding the recent riots.

AKK have received substantial support to activate their scheme which has been able to offer open opportunities and events for teenagers to engage in the creative industry. The most recent project titled "FYI" (Focused Young Individuals) is a photo exhibition from a collective of over 30 young artists selected on the onus of their passions and potential. With guidance from both professional practitioners and social enterprises, the images have been shot, produced and promoted by each different member. The range of work and medium spans film, photography, editing, volunteering, social issues and music. Each portrait is displayed in a site-specific installation across venues dotted down Kingsland Road shown alongside text detailing the subject’s story. With an initial private view to launch "FYI" at 1st Thursdays on Vyner Street, the local community have now been invited to explore Dalston to find each image curated in a trail with a specially drawn map illustrated by one of the group.

The images will be displayed until 23rd October so keep your eyes wobbling to see them at the train station, theatre, cinema etc. ......... and pick up a map to make sure your don't miss one. With a tag line "F.Y.I We're all for hire" - its one to investigate if you are based in the area and looking to take on a budding new assistant!

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Agenda said...

Fred Butler:

Thanks Fred, only a few days until the end of the exhibition. FYI totally redefines what it means to be young and from Hackney. It was great to tell their story with images. Already working on the next project.