Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tues Nov 15th: NYC - Carsten Höller: Experience at the New Museum

If you are visiting NYC anytime before the end of the year I recommend that you visit the Carsten Holler retrospective at the New Museum to experience an entire institution dedicated to this fun interactive artist. You wear goggles that turn the world upside down, fly down a flume that disects all floors, ride the mirror carousel and take off your clothes for a float in a tank if you so wish ...........and see a rainbow of animals which I couldn't photograph here because of the strobe neon lights. To view images of the whole show and the see videos of the installation process go to the site.
New Museum, 235 Bowery ,New York, NY 10002 212.219.1222

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Kim W. said...

wow looks amazing... the bed/fish tank seems SO coool