Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Weds Nov 16th: Rainbow Tribes Minx at WAH! Nails

WAH! Nails founder Sharmadean Reid invited me to try out her new Minx collaboration design "Rainbow Tribes" because she knows I love a spectrum! For my annual Christmas card image shot with Mishkin 2 years ago, we spelt out 2010 in a rainbow manicure by WAH! Nails when they first opened on Kingsland Road. Since this time the business has bloomed and now boasts concessions in different locations around the UK including a brand new bar in the Top Shop at Stratford shopping centre. To launch this latest location, Sharmadean has worked with Minx to create 3 styles from archive designs exclusively for the store. "Golden Tribes" "Rainbow Tribes" and "Cosmic Comic" are available from tomorrow to either be applied by a WAH! artist as I experienced or to take away for pro DIY nail buffs (no pun intended)!
This design is my idea of heaven on the end of my fingers ......... a pattern of striped colour with bands of black and white circles and triangles. If you are a Pharoah / Egytian kinda gal, go for the gold option and if you like tropical prints, try out the zingy pink and orange cosmic colour way............. see the Tumblr for a photo gallery and find your fingers on there after you've visited!

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