Thursday, 29 December 2011

Thurs 29th Dec: Laura Gill's Talking Sticks

Thanks to Laura Gill for sending me an original Alistair Carr sample from our time spent with the designer working on his own line..................... into which she slipped a "Talking Stick". She gathers sticks from London's green spaces, paints gouache faces to personalize each one for the purpose of providing people with an object to encourage communication.
"They were originally invented by the American Indians as an aid during group chats to enable each person in the group to be heard........ the person in the group holding the stick would be the only one able to talk until the stick was handed to the next person and then it would be their turn and so on......."
This is a perfect tool for me as I'm used to being ignored, over looked and not heard! Plus its super cute and a lush addition to my pencil pot!
Get your own Talking Stick in a bag at Lik & Neon, Brick Lane and No One, Shoreditch
(Gif and top 2 images "Pre-talking" and "Talking Stick in the making" from Laura)

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