Friday, 16 March 2012

Friday 16th March: Comittee Inc. for Coca Cola

Followng on from yesterday's sport-centric entry, to the subject of the ultimate athletic event - The Olympics. As you may well know Mark Ronson was commissioned by Coca Cola to compose their official anthem to mark the event, collaborating with vocalist Katy B. Mark travelled the world recording and sampling sound vibrations from various Olympic athletes, making beats and breaks by compiling their individual training noises. The track "Anywhere In The World" has been turned into an advertisment with some of the sports stars displaying thier skills to the soundtrack of a live concert, all styled using the Cola red colour by Comittee inc. Creative consultancy Committee Inc comprises of Nova Dando and Tom Ryling who were responsible for the costume design of the "Move To The Beat" campaign. Working for Cola was a dream come true for Nova who has been collecting the international edition iconic bottles since she was 11. Here are some of those samples which Ive snapped at Nova's studio space in Shoreditch alongside her great gallery of inspirational imagery. Its an update from when I first visited Nova's creative space in Hackney, from the archives of 2009.
Keep updated with news and follow up-coming projects from Committe Inc. here. .......... and read more about Ronson's work on the scheme here.

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