Monday, 12 March 2012

Mon 12th March: "Creative Pane" at Dalston Superstore

One of my favourite things about blogging is visiting artist's studios to see the inner sanctum and document the way they have decorated their creative space. This kind of insight has been lifted out of a reportage context and made into a visual and tactile exploration at Dalston Superstore's new group show "Creative Pane". Curator Saskia Wickins assigned each exhibitor an old window frame to use as the base for a sculpture to house ephemera, inspiration and reference imagery to encapsulate their world. It's a virtual and literal look through a window to the sole and studio of 16 local artists, designers, stylist, photographers, set designers and illustrators. At the top here is my own studio partner Kim Howells so its funny to recognise the bits and bobs that have gone missing from our walls to now reside on the interior of The Superstore in her installation. You many also recognise Alex Noble and Alun Davies here ............ and the screen printer Jonas Ranson responsible for the beautiful wallpaper at the Superstore.
(Top to bottom: Kim Howells, Luke Embden, Emma Allan, Alex Noble, Cordelia Weston, ?, Anna Bruder, Alun Davies, Adam Towner, Jonas Ranson)

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