Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sun 10th June: Middlesex University - FDSP - Moema Meade

Here is Moema Meade exhibiting in the FDSP display, showing an installation and intermittent screenings of her Super8 film which she had edited herself with tape and projected onto the mirror of her cabinet of curiosities.  When she span the cogs to kick-start the trailer, she hit the play button on a separate cassette recorder for the soundtrack.  In this day and age of watching everything on slick digi screens this was a very welcome and refreshing nostalgic experience for a fashion film format.  Not only has Mo gone to great attention to detail in the analog technology, she has also set up and shot fashion stories which appear as tiny little photo-copies in her shrine installation............ one Ive included below here.  The concept for amalgamation of characters is carried on from initial porcelain dolls she cast in colours to represent the different hues of Voodoo spells.  There are lots of facets to explore within this sculpture with plastic pockets containing trinkets and accessories including her hair-roller bow ties (being demonstrated by Mo herself)!  See more from "Who is Mrs Magoo" here.


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