Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Weds 13th June: RCA Fashion Womenswear: Trine Hav Christensen

My favourite collection of the RCA show came at the end of the running order when my camera memory became full and unable to take any more photos - nightmare.  But luckily Kathryn Ferguson was albe to put me in touch with the designer Trine Hav Christensen who she knows from collaborating on the costumes for her film 

MÁTHAIR, made whilst at the RCA.  Here are images of Trine's process from mood boards, samples, sketches, toiles and final garments in her studio space which she has collated for us to give a complete picture of her major project. 

"My collection is mainly inspired by a synthetic underwater world with a hint of boudoir and classic haute couture elements.  The mix of water and fire within a garment is made with iridescent elements that change colour from blue to orange.  This is also interpreted with resin sea fan leafs inspired by the artist Janet Kelman and her sea fan glass vases.
The mood is heavily inspired by the artist Pipilotte Rist whose luscious and colourful videos interprets a hyper natural version of a garment and colourful 3D prints.  Engineered to work perfectly with organic shapes that are framed by PVC ruffles with iridescence."

Each garment is a tornado of colour, spectrum, shine and multi-faceted textures and unidentifiable textile layers.  I would absolutely love to wear any of these components and it was a joy to see clothes come to life in such a way that it was evident how much fun she had in putting them together.  There was nothing inhibited or cautious in the composition, as if Trine has totally thrown herself into this collection and that passion comes across in the final pieces.  Have a look over the imagery above and absorb some of the uplifting cosmic energy!
See more Trine's catwalk photos here.

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Andrejuno said...

this collection is stunning!!! Thanks for the insight into her work!!