Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tues 21st Sept: Football Training with Rhian Wilkinson

It's come to that time of year where I go to ground and become attached to my desk, suffering cabin fever in order to make my S/S collection in time for fashion week.  To keep sane and a certain degree of social skills, I have been making weekly escapes to football training with my women's team for Boiler Room FC.  On Wednesday evenings we practise skills under the tuition of our regular coach Morokka who has nobly undertaken the challenge of keeping a group of 20+ girls in check.  This week we had a special 2nd session on Sunday with Olympic medallist Rhian Wilkinson from the Canadian bronze champions.  Speaking to Rhian it seems the UK are somewhat behind the times with gender equality in sport in comparison to progressive countries such as Sweden who have the strongest teams from a national support system and infrastructure.  Apparently soccer is a standard sport for girls at school in Canada too - I wish it had been for me!  Age 32, this is the first time Ive played in my life!  We've been practising since May so between us I think there's some definite contenders for a five-a-side team ........ including Nell (see above) who spent some teenage times kicking about with Aresnal girls!  If anyone knows of a London ladies team, please let us know .......... we are gearing up for our first friendly!
(group shot l-r:  me, Gosia, Rhian, Mo, Nell, Zezi, Claire)

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