Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday 16th Nov: Iconostatus by Walter Hugo at Four Corners

Walter Hugo's latest project launch "Iconostatus" has come about from a 3 month residency at East End gallery Four Corners which he used as a site specific base for the concept.  Instead of capturing personalities from his own extended network, for this venture Walter wanted to celebrate the local community of Roman Road and randomly stopped characters as he came across them in the area.  The result is a wall of hand painted and gilded portraits echoing religious iconography, elevating the every day subjects to a celebration of street culture and re-defining a miss-interpreted / mis-understood sector of society.  Even without necessarily knowing this exact motivation behind the gathering of fresh faces, it has a merit all of its own just for its aesthetic richness and depth of pigment - laboriously layered with creative partner Zoniel utilising her technical expertise.   
Visit the gallery to see the large box construction built to work as the pin hole camera on site.......... and physically see the tin plates positioned in frame ......... and bottles of chemicals cluttering up the sink to absorb a sense of this pioneering reaapropriation of an antiquarian  process.  

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