Saturday, 17 November 2012

Sat 17th Nov: Bernstock Speirs 30 at Fred Gallery



Bernstock Speirs are celebrating 30 years of making cosmic millinery by taking over the walls of Fred Gallery with hats, history of press clippings, sketches and moving image. It's gorgeous to read the stories behind the archive signature styles, re-made all in red including a version of The Topless Hat which appeared on Kylie Minogue's debut album. There is also a wall of photographic prints showing the personalities they shot for look books in the late 1980's including Fashion Buyers, Editors, Musicians and actresses - a trait of casting "real talent" de-riguer right now!
Learn more about the duo via a documentary video of interviews at both the show and their Brick Lane studio over on Crane.TV

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April Sharman said...

I really like the way the hats have been displayed.