Saturday, 13 April 2013

Friday 13th April: Essaouira, Morocco


After the hectic city experience of Marrakech I've rounded off my Moroccan safari in the small seaside destination Essaouira where Keef Richards and crew came to smoke the Kiff. (My holiday reading is his autobiography which is kind of fitting!)
What can I report? There's camels on the beach. That's all I needed to be blown away. Infact literally. The beach is a vast open plain with sand dunes like the desert and the wind whips right off the wide sea pushing you sideways as you stroll along the shore. Which was actually fortuitous for me as I've been desperate to join boys in football since I got here and a blast of Sahara air meant a ball flew off pitch at lightening speed in my direction - to the rescue I couldn't resist saving the offside. Couldn't communicate with them in my B grade GCSE French but we had the language of footy to converse. Similar to the international unwritten shared appreciation of Michael Jackson which I've heard from various sound systems throughout my journey - long live the King of Pop - cant beat a bit of off the wall - wherever you are. Beat it.
To summarise, if you're impatient of the potential impending third semester non-event summer, I fully recommend the Ryan Air / Easy Jet flight to this crazy cosmic continent.

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Fiona Klonarides said...

Essaouira's my favourite place in Morocco, we must have been here at the same time as I'm here now! Loved your Marrakech post, too, what stunning pics, coffee book material.

Here are a few more camel pics from last weekend:

I could sit and stare at the camels for hours, slightly envious as they don't have to carry bottled water with them everywhere and their expressions are priceless!

Hope it's warming up back home in the UK?

Fi x