Thursday, 11 April 2013

Thurs 11th April: Marrakech Day 3

My last day in Marrakech - I will really miss these incredible storks that nest on the walls of the adjacent palace to my Riad - if you squint, they are the black and white birds here, which are disproportionally represented in my snaps - as in reality they are MASSIVE - especially circling high up in the blue sky. The other notable menagerie of Marrakech are the underworld of stray cats that line every floor under foot - the furry fellas seem to purrfectly co-exist with the madness* and mayhem of the markets and souks. This tabby kitten sat next to me at lunch!

*implausibly and right on the money - the Moroccan currency abbreviation is MAD - which has cracked me right up

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