Monday, 3 June 2013

Mon 3rd June: Incoming post = 55th Venice Biennale via Alex Tieghi-Walker

A fluro pink protest banner from Jeremy Deller >:o

On our way to the Jeremy Deller dinner far across the lagoon

Best restaurant hang-out ever - Paradiso Perduto in Cannaregio and its snowy bearded chef

My boyfriend Gregory

The ephemeral colour of the lagoon

Insane cactus growing in Dorsoduro

Giant painted wall clock at San Giorgio Maggiore

View from San Giorgio Maggiore - the water is so blue it looks more like a tropical lagoon

Mark Manders for the Dutch Pavilion

Captain Ronojoy Dam

Reliefs at the Cá Rezzonico 

Fruit punch shirt

Ultramarine water taxi interior

Models found in a junk shop by Oliver Croy

Arriving at the Jeremy Deller dinner at Trattoria Vignole - steel drums, vats of Grappa and a naked dancing Icelandic cemented this as one of the best nights of the week

                                                              When in Venice.. Spritz!

           This was just before Peaches crowdsurfed at the Trussardi party and landed on my head

Leaving Venice and looking out across the lagoon in the early morning

Gregory De Roeck and Jonathan Openshaw in Cannaregio

Ooh-oo-hoo-ah-ha-ha-yeah - Jeremy Deller's fluo pink protest banners in the British Pavilion

The lush jurassic ferns of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection garden

Banana trees and a pearly chandelier at the Bauer Hotel

Buonasera Venezia

The latest in my "Uncle Travelling Mac" contributor style posts has come live and direct from  the 55th Venice Biennale........... where Alex Tieghi-Walker has "swapped preparing sexploits for Issue #2 of The Anonymous Sex Journal for the green-blue waters of Venice and a visual blowout of art and island hopping"............ with deftly annotated captions to summarise his snaps of Summer's opening spectacle........

Find more Biennale imagery from Alex over on his Instagram and follow news via his Twitter  

Thank you Alex (seen here sitting in the water taxi) !!

(See archive posts from Venice Biennale 2009 from Anna Leader here.)

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