Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Tues 4th June: Disclosure Album launch with BoilerRoom

I felt so lucky to be able to attend the Disclosure album launch with BoilerRoom and get to stand so close to the duo and witness the synchronicity of their live performance.  In the eaves of the very original BoilerRoom premises (hence the title of the initiative, named after the utility area they first broadcast from) a very magic experience unfurled infront of our eyes.  To close the party DJ EZ and Wookie took over the decks for all the garage girls who had a momentary nostalgic trip back to thier past adolescence of pilgrimages to nights across the country.  Here are some of those:  Sara and Loren from WorkIt, Rivah Kray of Blackfoot Phoenix, Teo Connor of TheWProject and Rosy Nicholas sporting her BoilerRoom tee - a tenant of the studio block back when BoilerRoom first started streaming from along the corridor!  You will also recognise Jessie Ware who came down to take stage with her PMR label mates to sing on  their remix of her smash hit "Running".  Jessie who started out singing for soundsystems at BoilerRoom nights ............ now storming the global charts.  Its a success story to inspire anyone and everyone making music at home - it can take you a long way............ to living the dream............. look up tickets for Jessie at Somerset House later in the summer.

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