Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sunday 29th September: Copenhagen "Aagaard Andersen engaged in use" at Denfrie


Whilst Teo and I were in Copenhagen to run, we spent a day walking around the entire city taking in the cultural treats.   As a pair of designers we were in heaven with streets dominated by design shops and a trail of exhibitions to explore.  We accidentally stumbled across this winner which was a gallery with a glass ceiling for the sun to stream in on the shows installed.  The current subject is a retrospective of artist, designer and architect Gunnar Aagaard Andersen (1919-82) renowned for his innovative thinking and experimentation with materials.  The mark-making in his crayon illustrations was gorgeous, his graphic pattern painted canvases were epic, his angular faceted sculptures were right up my street and the dazzle print dance costume designs were incredible!!!  Here are snaps of some of the sketches and a still from a film of the performance which had a set to mimic the optical illusion of the dancers.  Another piece of footage to add to my list of choreography wonders (including the Bauhaus "Triaische Ballet" by Oskar Schlemmer and polkadot world of Michael Clark and Leigh Bowery's "Hail The New Puritan". ) Such a great surprise to discover and bonus to our trip!!

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