Friday, 4 October 2013

Friday 4th Oct: BoilerRoom FIVES 2013

This year I was not just a spectator at BoilerRoom FIVES but also a player as part of the Ladies team friendly match.  I found out that this was to be a once in a life time performance and never to be repeated.  I LOVE practise which we do weekly but I discovered that I am not naturally intended to play infront of people - let alone an audience of London's discerning music industry.  I got major fear.  Oh dear.  Thankfully Teo saved the day and stepped in as a last minute sub and made the best goaly to have graced a girl's game.  She kept every ball out of the net.  That teamed with two stellar goals from Nell and another from Keturah, our red team won.  As BoilerRoom ladies team were actually divided in two, playing each other there were no real winners or losers - only LOVE.  ONE LOVE.

See last year's event here.

(Top to bottom:  Teo & Me, Teo & Trisha, Nell & Trisha & Keturah, Trisha'n'fizz, our captain Pia, Rosy Nicholas and the trophy she made, NTS dj Radi Dadi on the decks of the sound system)

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