Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sunday Oct 6th: Marawa's Hoopermarket

Marawa The Amazing (a name that couldn't be nearer the truth or better suited) has taken over the ex Eternal Youth gallery space for her very own Hula Hoop school - "Hoopermarket".  She has residency for two weeks in which she'll be giving classes and selling hoops that you can decorate and personalise yourself with her array of special tapes.  She even has my dream iridescent sheen tape in both the peacock blue/green and oily pink/purple variations.  Whilst you visit be sure to check out her spectrum stiletto show selection - accumulated over time from costumes of all her performances.  
I visited today on the most glorious and magically warm sunny day that an October might have had a go at.  The perfect weather for a session out on the sidewalk with these little girls stealing the show!!  TOO CUTE!!


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Eloise C. Block said...

wow these pictures are really beautiful, esp the first one. simply amazing. Everything from the happy children to the vibrant colours to the urban env reminds me so much of brooklyn.

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