Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sunday 13th Oct: "World Sight Day" with TOMS and DAZED's pub quiz

TOMS are known for founding their shoes strategy on a "One for One" basis by giving a percentage of sales from each pair sold to their organised charities providing footwear to communities without.  The newest development and product to follow suit is glasses to specifically raise awareness of the 285 million people that are blind or visually impaired - 90% living in developing countries.   Children are unnecessarily struggling in school and adults are forced to stop working as their vision declines.  Blindness and visual impairment can push families deeper into poverty and yet 80% of all of these people can be treated.

Therefore TOMS took the opportunity of "World Sight Day" on Thursday to create a campaign called "Be Shady" with worldwide events to spread the word.  In London, DAZED magazine hosted a pub quiz with teams of their family and friends to tackle questions such as a photo round of naming the breed of dog!  I hosted a team which grew in numbers as the party got started, ironically resulting in me naming it "Haphazard" as it hadn't occurred to me to do so before!  Here is Margot Bowman with her sunnies on and Charles Casely Hayford making our newspaper tower in the activity round.  Despite having a STRONG team we lost out as runners-up  to Ronojoy's captaining of recruiting a brainy bunch including Sophie Heawood and a human paper tower Tremaine Emory.  
Although the night was ridiculous fun, the serious and actual point of the get-together of creative minds was to capture imaginations to pass on the power of TOMS pledge.  When one pair of their glasses is sold, sight is guaranteed to another person in need via sustainable plans such as prescription lenses, sight-saving sugary or medical treatment.  When you know that, it seems crazy to buy any other brand!  Head over to their comprehensive sight site to dig deeper into their mission and success in making a change ..................

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