Friday, 18 October 2013

Friday 18th October: Patternity Studio Visit

Those Patternity girls have been prolific in producing projects since their solo show "Pattern Power" in April.  I visited their new HQ today for a catch-up on all these exciting developments - some of which I can't share just yet as they are still under wraps.  But the biggest news in the lineage of the leggy line is the collaboration with Pretty Polly to make their trademark product into an accessible accessory.  Previously Grace was screen-printing the stockings by hand which made them a limited edition coveted commodity, but now it is possible to pick up a pair of "Bricking It" PXP tights on any highstreet.  In addition to this, you can also see their signature shapes and structures taking over the window display design of COS stores.  The "Everyday Excellence" theme explores repetition, symmetry and precise geometric formations, created using everyday items.  These were also incorporated with pieces from the collection in a special short film for the website to run alongside the scheme.  
Last but not least, above you can see the Warp and Reason collaboration with bone china specialist Richard Brendon where the metallic cups reflect  morphing optical patterns from the saucer, finished with details in 24 carat gold.  
I can't wait to add to this list of updates but I'll have to hold off, till given the stripey signal ........... until then, head over to their shop to invest in an original whilst stocks last.

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Unknown said...

liked the black and white patterns, especially on the tights