Monday, 28 April 2014

Mon 28th April: Bishi's "Albion Voice"

Here are photos I took of Bishi performing her epic performance "Albion Voice" at KOKO which was so unique and pioneering with its choreographed visual effect background, that it totally blew me away.  As the set list moved thru each song, Bishi transformed in different costume changes to interact with the graphics, ending with her playing an awesome sitar solo.  The complete equation of this experience with its varied sequences is like nothing I have ever witnessed before.  Bishi owns the stage with her signature multi-cultural reference tinged narrative lyrics, vocal style and witty banter in-between.  Every sci-fi cosmic detail is mapped out to perfection with a shadow silhouette of her arm movements that optically make her appear as a multi-limbed Hindu goddess.  Everyone has to go and see it!!!!

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