Saturday, 3 May 2014

Saturday 3rd May: Martin Creed's "What's the Point Of It" at The Hayward Gallery

This weekend is the last chance to see Martin Creed's "What's the Point Of It" at The Hayward Gallery - DONT MISS IT IF YOU HAVN'T BEEN YET!  Its hilarious and beautiful.  The majority of works are visual comical anecdotes, questioning the state of modern art and how we contextualise it.   Others are just simply a joy to look at - his use of colour is lush - and free style daubs of paint and brush strokes.  Thruout all of these is an overriding playful element and that is my favourite thing in creativity because its celebrating the lightness in life. It gives you an experience that totally uplifts your energy and a buzz from re-discovering innocent childhood silliness.  Photography hasn't been allowed which is just aswell so that no social media will have ruined the surprise as you enter and turn each corner.  You may however have seen snaps of static hair from a room full of balloons where you have to push your way thru, and try not to inhale the fluff as you laugh the whole time you are in there.  Just wait for the outside terrace view of the London skyline with its high-rise monuments and another monumental rising moment that Creed has installed to make you crack up.......................
There is a blob of blue-tack stuck to the wall, a stack of squares of masking tape piled ontop of each other, A4 paper filled with lines of high-lighter pen pigment ....................... all products of being bored at your desk ........... all things that you think you could have done yourself ....................... but the fact is, you didn't!  Martin Creed did.  He's sold them as works of art and here they are on loan from major galleries, curated in a retrospective at another.  Massive high-five to the man who has turned shit into art - literally - watch the final film to see what I mean.

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