Saturday, 19 September 2015

Saturday 19th Sept: Jenkin Van Zyl's "Working Title"

Watermelon and cabbage cocktails were the refreshments at Jenkin's private view of his show "Working Title" which used watermelons as a theme with the fruit's flesh pulped like blood.  The gallery was black lit like a sci-fi set with a post-apocalyptic fallout of fragmented props embedded in crumbling disarray.  But the disorder was actually highly divisive with his trademark prosthetic horns scaled up and included in the sculptures.  Synced films on screens were planted around the room showing a film of a hyperreal underworld, like a love child of a Paul McCarthy and Matthew Barney .  But that's only a loose reference to set the scene, you have to experience it for yourself to see the new unique "Sissy Sound Studio" by Jenkin Van Zyl.

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