Friday, 31 March 2017

Thursday 30th March: Trinidad Carnival 2017 - Tuesday

As you can see, Tuesday at Trinidad Carnival was an absolute dream for me!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was literally in heaven.  Not only did I get to witness carnival but I actually took part in it!  I wore a "Powder Sailor" Mas to fete with The Trinidad All Stars.  It is one of the original and most established Mas Bands with Keith Christopher Rowley (current Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago) playing mas alongside all of us.  It was so much fun seeing him getting involved with throwing talcum powder and getting covered himself.  I just can't imagine a UK politician doing this at Notting Hill Carnival! 
My absolute favourite costume was this gentleman photographed above, who balanced a wire sculpture on his head & shoulders for the duration of the day and entire route.  He must have done this a few times before - professional! The tinsel and pom pom decoration was just so exquisite.  
In these photos are also shots of another band of "Fancy Sailors" who had sea creatures harnessed to their backs, see the hermit crab here!  Everyone was so smart, I want to dress like this EVERY DAY.  FOREVER.  AND EVER.

(Photo credits: Marsha Trepte in the Quechua sun costume, Mr Dapper in the pink suit, and the fancy sailors with the sea creatures are Belmont Exotic Stylish Sailors.)

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