Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Tuesday 28th March: Trinidad Carnival 2017 - Saturday

 The cuteness of "Kiddies Carnival" continued to the following day with the official start to the main Carnival.  Now the parade's route went via the main "Savannah" auditorium which is the purpose-built arena for Carnival of terraces for spectators and judges.  Its absolutely massive with a central stage to act out the main performance mid-way between the entire day's journey across town on foot.  
I have no idea how the tiny little ones can keep up with the hours on the road or indeed keep on their costume.  Some toddlers are carried thru asleep in arms or pushed in decorated prams.  It's too cute, I can't cope.
Here in my snaps from the side streets, you can see girls with fish crowns on their heads.  One has hers on backwards and the other has taken hers off completely.  I wish they had turned profile so you can see the whole fish on a wire.  It's genius.
I've also captured the braids of the girls in the crowds for the multi-colour plastic beads that decorate the detailed plaits.  Everyone is in party mode, on or off the floats. 

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