Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sat 31st Jan: Portrait Profile Weekender Season 2

Last weekend I covered the work of Tara Darby who I collaborated with doing the still-life shots for the Kickers X Project. This weekend I'm going to shift focus to photographer Mads Perch who I met at this time. It was 2 summers ago at a sunny August birthday picnic in Regents Park. We went through the customary polite convo of "What do you do?" It turned out we were coincidentally working on the same thing without knowing. Whilst I was styling the boots for press, Mads was snapping the actual designers for a feature in i-D. These portraits then became part of the installation we were asked to curate for the Kickers launch at the following fashion week in a deserted library on the Euston Road.
So to introduce his work, here are a couple of other designer portraits that he has been commissioned to do in the past. Mads has been lucky enough to shoot some fascinating characters and captured some real moments in history and evolution of the subject's individual career and times. I love this picture of Zandra and Andrew Logan from an article in i-D "Two Peas In A Pod"

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