Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Tues 28th Jan: Fear and Loathing in Camden Town

I have been sitting on this one for a long time................the artwork for the new Lily Allen album was shot back in the Summer and i have patiently waited to preview the preparation. The cover for the 1st single from the album "The Fear" which features Lily sitting atop her own name in gigantic letters was the mastermind set, designed by Andy Hillman. There are some surprises to come judging from the treats that materialized during a week of intensive prop making from the team of regular specialists and friends that join our studio for such events. My lips are sealed but I'm buzzing with excitement to see the launch of the actual album on Feb 9th and the campaign popping up all over LDN.
Lily is going to debut the new tracks at her 1st gig in London for 2 years at KOKO tonight. Apparently its going to be a "rare and exclusive" set?! She kept hold of all the props from this shoot so who knows there might even be a special set on stage*

(*that is purely personal conjecture, not 1oz of fact, but fingers crossed)

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