Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sat 31st Jan: Portrait Profile Weekender Season 2 cont....

The golden colours in this picture are beautiful and very different from the rest of the shoot that is light and crisp. Perhaps it was affected in the instant developing and came out wrong in an accidentally fortuitous way. It is this uncontrollable quality about Polaroid's that Mads likes in addition to how they can also alter over time:

"I like all the small mistakes/scratches that normally appears on the
Polaroids after they been laying around for awhile. - it almost reminds me
of old photographs- which is more and more a medium that's dying out.
In a time were almost everyone is moving onto digital, images are starting
to look more and more perfect and clean- I think it's worth remembering the
Polaroids and all the fascinating moments they can recall. Had they been
shots from a digital shoot they would probably have been erased because
why would you save non perfect images."

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