Monday, 29 June 2009

Mon 29th June: Rosy Nicholas

So here is a more in depth studio report from the Print Club community.  Here is Rosy Nicholas with her thinking cap on.  What great thoughts it must channel if you look at the beautiful Pharaoh print that she produced for the poster sale.  I'm very pleased to say that I am the owner of one myself, albeit it 2nd (generously donated to the Butler foundation).  But I love a bonus thumb smudge on my prints!  Especially if its from these talented crafty fingers!  
Rosy also creates her collage world of characters via the means of stop frame animation..............take a look at this super cute clip "Terrible" which must have taken HOURS.  Above is a snap of her light box and  shapes that she has fun messing around with to create her colourful see more and enquire about purchasing a rosy-cheeked work of art .........

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