Friday, 3 July 2009

Friday 3rd July: Will Broome "House Of Propellers"

Will Broome has just unveiled his latest work which is actually his first solo show although already having already sold internationally, racked up a CV of collaborations such as Marc Jacobs, Missoni, Gucci and been published in the major magazine titles.  But I don't care about that, I care about how he actually comes up with the his trademark smile-inducing, deceivingly simple precise incidentals.  In the press-release it outlines that his work process is very intuitive and guided by mistakes which is the same page that I work from too!  So I got in touch with him to find out more ridiculous specifics on how he crafts the paper-cuts and new glittering bears...........(which were too tricky to photograph so you'll just have go to see for yourself!)

1)  What was your favourite illustrated book you had when you were a child and why?  

 I had a book of farm animals. According to my Mum, I used to sit on the potty and stare at the picture of the bull. Perhaps it helped me relax!? I guess that was my favourite.  I also liked:

The Butterfly Ball.

Where the Wild Things Are

The Hungry Caterpillar

The Mr.Men

 There was this book at school where this dude had done amazing drawings of animals that he thought might evolve. A swimming monkey, mad rhinocerous type things. I LOVED that book. I wish I could find it again.

My Dad had two Goodies annuals, I liked them.

 2)    What is your favouite weapon of choice?  Any novelty stationary we should know about?  ( I have many many rainbow rubbers!)

 I’m pretty straight forward on the old stationary front.  Berol broad and medium pens – black.  Letraset Pro markers – for colour.  Uniball pens.  Paper I nick out of photocopiers. Although I have been doing some printing and embossing lately so I am turning into a proper paper snob.  I do have a favourite pair of scissors. I have a panic if I can’t find them. Does that count?

 3)  Are you a collector?  If so, what is your collection?  (I collect robots!)

 I don’t collect anything I’m afraid.  I used to collect Star Wars figures and Panini stickers.  I always get a bit freaked out when grown men collect toys. When you go round someone’s flat and there are rows and rows of toys in boxes.  Release the toys, let your kids chew them.

 4)  If you design a bespoke wallpaper, whose house would you most like to see it in and what would be the pattern?

 I think it would be typical Will Broome images. Skulls, bears, lightening, some rude stuff and heavy metal imagery.  I saw AC/DC on Friday at Wembley and I guess that’s still fresh in my mind. So, I’ll say Bon Scott, although he died in 1980. Brian Johnson is a great front man too. He was on fire on Friday.  But, I always prefer the songs when Bon sung them. When I was about 10 I wanted to BE Bon Scott.  I think I’d wallpaper his bedroom, because LOTS of people, mainly groupies, would see my wallpaper then.  AC/DC were brilliant by the way.

 5)    You had an exhibition in the toilets of Bistroteque once.  What is your dream bizarre venue to adorn the walls with your art?  

 I like drawing in their toilets. They’re good those two, they just do what they like. I think it’d have to be somewhere unexpected. A toilet kind of suited it.

A crop circle, I’ll say a ‘Will Broome’ crop circle.

 6)    In your opinion who is the best draftsmen of your time?

 I love Alan Aldridge and Boris Vallejo for their abilities with the airbrush. They still bend my head. Are they draftsmen?  It’s miles from what I do, but I love their stuff.

Thanks to Will for putting down the hammer on Tuesday to answer my questions, and thanks to Camille for the photos.  I want a mug!  That wasn't a credit, just a thought.

"There's something in the wardrobe"

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