Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Tues 30th June: Chrissie Abbott

Chrissie's corner

The print room downstairs 

One third of the creative triangle I visited at Print Club, is Chrissie Abbott, who was the 1st resident of this enclosed special space.  Triangle or Pyramid is actually a reoccurring theme in her work as I discovered that she is the artist behind the recognisable identity and artwork for "Little Boots".  Her prints on show were a broad mix of imagery and great selection to choose from as a potential collector!  Chrissie's work is identifiably other-worldly which resonates with my unicorn-dingly appreciations for all things mythological and psychedelic.   Some the pieces were collage with textures including this cat accessorized with a heart made from those plastic pellets I think you melt in the oven.  Wow, that would be a good idea............Chrissie Abbott's own design templates to bake your own cosmic objets d'art!

To see more of her editorial and commercial commissions:


(Top 2 images borrowed from Chrissie's blog.  Apologies my blogger has messed with the colours.  But its quite a nice accident i think?!  I hope!)

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