Saturday, 15 August 2009

Sat15th August: Fate

So exactly one week after my entry about wishing that Jeffrey Hinton's footage could be seen again............hey presto..........the angels answered my prayers. Or more correctly, Diane Pernet answered my email. I thought she might be interested in the footage and I couldn't have been more bang on with intuition. She has programmed 3 of Jeffrey's films into the presentation of her next Mr.Pearl documentary as part of ASVOFF at the end of September. Jeffrey will also be there to give a little introduction to his work and answer any questions. If you go over to Diane's site you can see some stills of Leigh Bowery, Body Map and David Lachapelle.
I find it really hard to legitimise leaving my studio and stop working, but I had an inkling that packing up early last Friday and racing to the NPG was the right thing to do...................its so lucky I did go and now these fantastic images can be shared for all to see lets make another wish and hope to see some kind of Bodymap reformation.........
I can't wait to go to Paris for the preview. My best friend in Paris, Alistair Carr is also interviewed in the Mr.Pearl documentary so it is going to be a really special event (if he can leave the Balenciaga Atelier just before the eve of their S/S show?! All 10 fingers and 10 toes crossed............)

This image is a Polaroid of my bedroom in Hackney from 2003 when I had just schlepped my Nick Knight print back from SHOWstudio on the No.55. Can't believe I did that now (even though I still can't afford a cab) and I can't believe I had a gold hanger in the pink section of my rail! Massive oversight!

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