Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Weds 12th Aug: Lazy Oaf

"Lazy Oaf" is my new favourite shop. (Well apart from "Supermarket Sarah").
Just incase you are not up to speed with the not-so-lazy oafers............they design the most colourful and fun collection of covetable treats. Burger shape knitted bobble hats, sausage dog holdalls, blamange badges..........safe to say most things have faces! Cute ones!
Today they launch a new bangle which I was notified about as soon as the delivery crash landed from Las Vegas. Steven Shein has designed these multicolour & glittery perspex hexagonal bracelets that FLOAT MY BOAT! Haven't been able to take mine off since I had the honour of road testing it last week. I also acquired a roll of their fluffylucious cloud gaffer tape and these cat sunnies. They fold down to be a cat and then open up to be a rad pair of sunglasses.
Team Oaf have just moved headquarters to down the road so they may find some greasy paw prints on their windows soon, from peeping-tom Fred. Click to their website or head down to their flagship store in Kingley Court to have a proper snoop for yourself. The bottom image here is from their latest photoshoot featuring bespoke headwear made by the uber talented Rosy Nicholas...........thanks to her for pointing me in the direction of all things Oaf and thanks to Jerry for taking these studio pics for me.......


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Glowing Doll said...

They were always my favourite shop around Carnaby st. I would usually go there on a weekday when I needed the most cheering.

These new bangles are great.