Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sun 20th Sept: Cooperative Designs:

In the nature of all things Cooperative ..............the ladies have collaborated with a collective of creatives on their new season line "Happy Birthday Bauhaus".  The ongoing relationship with Corrie Williamson designing their jewellery line has hit a whole new level with the most covetable selection of perspex pieces which have been styled to full effect in the press images by Liz Cardwell and shot by their muse Amy Gwatkin.  
This season the runway was replaced with a presentation at The Freemason's Hall with a specially designed set by Alex Cunningham.  She devised a gigantic Bauhaus chess board to lay down for the mannequins which sat like playing pieces amongst giant cardboard constructructions.  Here you can see one of the Alice In Wonderland scale cross playing pieces  which was the perfect platform to display Annalisa's incredible new perspex shoes.  
Amy has also shot a film which I think is going to go up on Dazeddigi imminently so check it oooooooot

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rachel gilman said...

the necklace is incredible