Saturday, 12 December 2009

Sat 12th Dec: Why I LOVE Neel Morley

I'm having the best time in China..they seem to love how colourful I am...I got to cuddle a cost Y1000 which is £100 but I thought fuck it!!!  I have an all in one 1980's ski outfit which I have worn for most of the holiday!!!  It's hard to write everything on a postcard. I have been to the great wall, forbidden city, Terracotta army and now I am sailing down the yellow river to Shanghai.  Its amazing here, everyone is so friendly to me (my panda hat helps!).  I can't wait for the colour in India too....Stop being a workaholic and travel more.....(facebook you got this)  love Neel XXX

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Style Scanner said...

What a brilliant post card to get, I now have major correspondence envy!